Impacts on local communities

The project has brought/will bring serious impacts on the communities living in/close to the project site. For example:
1. Thousands of local farmers and fishermen may lose their livelihoods
The power plant will be constructed in the middle of farmland where people have been growing their rice, vegetable and fruits all year long for hundreds of years. When the season comes, the small-scale fishermen catch small shrimp called “rebon” along the coast. Monetary compensation and livelihood restoration programs, such as livestock-raising and skill-training, even if provided, are not sufficient to restore their livelihoods and thus not a true solution.

2. Local people will be exposed to a higher risk of health damage
The power plant will not use any of the BAT (best available technology) that are installed in most of the coal-fired power power plants in Japan. The power plant will emit air pollutants, including SOx, NOx and PM2.5

3. Human rights of the local people have been violated
Several farmers who have voiced their opposition to the project became the victims of criminalization and were put in jail for 5 to 6 months. The local people have also been threatened and/or bribed, which resulted in the split of the community. They were not invited to appropriate consultation or received sufficient information about the project.